Our history started in 1980 when Maurizio Petrillo, as soon as a teen, became very keen on viticulture and treasured his father Gaetano and his grandfather Raffaele’s teachings. He followed the family vineyards with great interest and began the first grape harvests and lovely evenings in the countryside wine cellar. In 2001 Maurizio, young and dynamic businessman, set up Petrillo wine producing holding. In a few months this was followed by vinification, under “Cantina Petrillo” trademark.

Since then, slowly but surely, continuous growth followed, in the sign of the passion for our work, respect for tradition, love for nature and for our lands. Nowadays the company, that operates in international markets under the Petrillo Wine brand, is supported by Maurizio Petrillo, by his wife Samantha Martignetti, who is also the holder, and by his three children: Anthea, Gaetano and Daisy. A wine is dedicated to each family member.

Each wine has got its own analytical framework, expression of the peculiar vision of its creator and the result of refined production choices, careful selection of grapes, degree of withering, fermentation techniques, maturation period and ageing. Therefore inspiration, perseverance and audacity give shape to our wines, achieving excellence.


Our company has its legal and operational headquarter in Pietradefusi, in the heart of Irpinia D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. This area is extremely suited to viticulture, due to environmental and to specific territorial features: an excellent mixture of multi-layered marlstones and clay with a variety of dough, ideal for the cultivation of Aglianico grapes; tufaceous soils rich in mineral salts suitable for the cultivation of Greco grapes; loose soils, wooded, rich in humus suitable for the cultivation of Fiano grapes. We also have a good exposure, optimal altitude, temperate and ventilated microclimate with significant temperature variations between day and night near the harvest.

The meticolous management of the vineyards follows a skilful process of vinification in purity of its own grapes. The grapes are picked up in late harvest, when they are at the peak of ripening and through manual selection of the best bunches. Then they are vinified without adding grapes or cutting musts, which thin out aromas and flavours. On the contrary these are enhanced by the subsequent soft pressing by extrusion, which safeguards the integrity of the skins by limiting the fragmentation and conferring exclusively the fresh and delicate must flower.

The cryomaceration phase at controlled fermentation, enables the so-called “bouquet explosion”. Fermentation is constantly monitored to make sure it is slow and velvety. It follows the phase of stabilization with static decimation and natural elimination of tartar by cooling (-6°). Then ageing refines and increases the value and the taste of wine of excellence.

The ageing of wines takes place in Tonneau made of fine oak or in smaller Barriques at constant temperature and humidity.